Forty Foot Press

The Map of Everything

by Anne Fitzgerald

"The Map of Everything is an ambitious and accomplished book. Fitzgerald is a writer going from strength to strength. These are poems as exquisitely made as the sturdiest of boots. They pay rethreading as they go on their journeys, strange and even scary, leaving clues to their verbal and visual meanings.

They have about them a rapid, tumbling beauty as if Fitzgerald is trying to do with words what Jackson Pollack at his shattering best did with paint. That artistic deference is especially embodied in the excellent prose poem, Welcome of Seligman Birthplace of Historic Route 66, which sits at the heart of this collection. The Map of Everything is superb.”

       Frank McGuinness

“Fitzgerald’s poems unfold as emotional truths do. We trust her voice not because it promises big truths or reveals secrets but because it opens a back door to history. She masterfully guides readers through deep revels of sense, image and language.

The Map of Everything reminds us what is possible in our slippery polyglot tongue, our cluttered pasts, and well-travelled emotional realms. Here is a new opening, a rich contribution to poetry no voyager should go without.”

    Joseph Lennon Poetry Editor, The Recorder

“Fitzgerald’s second collection is prefaced with a quotation from Da Vinci:

No surface can be seen exactly as it is, if the eye that sees it is not equally remote from all its edges. Fitzgerald’s own eye is never that. The dragonfly lens of these poems is not all-seeing or omniscient. The eye here is fallible, proximate, and perfectly imperfect. The poet’s gaze is all the stronger for being human.”

The Map of Everything

(Dublin, Forty Foot Press, 2006)

Cover Design © A.J. Gatsby

ISBN 0-9553597-0-8