Críona Ni Gháirbhí


Cutting Turf

Crios of woven straw,
bawneen coat, brown trousers,
bent over a grogaun of turf,
scolding the sods for their slant
too little, too much, four upright
askew, one sod on top.

High on the rustling hay
we spy from the barn
Máirtín speaks gallus Gaeilge
in melodious waves,
rhythm of river and sea,
and rain.

A few feet away, Maura,
his wife, addresses the sods
the same way, neither
speaks to the other,

They are the landscape of West Clare.

© Críona Ni Gháirbhí

Deserted Village: Achill

Light constantly leaks away,
leaches grass and stone.

Sky moves from its place,
shadows down the hills,

invades with hungry mist.

The half-blind houses
soon will see no more.

Lime-sparkled rocks turn
grey and old. They never die.

Even if light of day returns,
I will be changed.

© Críona Ní Gháirbhí



A Brief Biography.

Críona Ní Gháirbhí was born in West Clare, a county rich in Irish cultural, musical and linguistic traditions. She attended a Teacher Training College and, later, University College , Dublin . She taught and practised as a psychologist. Críona became interested in writing poetry in Irish and English and continues writing in both languages. The Dalkey Writers' Workshop was set up in 2003 by Críona and is well-attended and successful.