Bernie Alexander



Missing Alice

Alice is missing today

The rain came in the night and took away her white,
And something in her spark was snuffed out in the dark,
Now she’s sitting with her back to us all,
Hoping that more snow will come to call.

She’s wearing Alice ribbons, answering to her name
But there’s a whisper in her voice, something’s not the same,
Even Bones the dog abandoned the crusade,
To restore the smile we hope is just mislaid.

Alice hasn’t anything to say

She’s looking through the rain at frosted doilies on the lawn,
Remnants of a sheet of snow that stole away at dawn,
And the snowman she so lovingly designed,
Ran off and left his hat and scarf behind.

She’s taking off her snow boots putting them away
Colouring in her pictures like every other day
But making sure her crayons stay between the lines
Her little head is hung the snow has got her tongue

Alice is missing today


To The Letter

I’m sitting in the summer breeze,
Fingers poised above my keys
Trying to write a poem that’s neat
Very short and incomplete.

But words afraid to pass my lips
Are queueing in my finger tips,
Imploring me to vent my rage
And liberate them on the page.

I think they have an epic planned,
So I’ve dismissed them out of hand,
Epics are no good to me
On nights when brevity is key.

They’ll have to swallow discontent,
I decide upon the length,
So sorry boys, I hold the keys
To end this when and where I...